Wed, Apr. 30, 2003

AOLs of the World Unite to Fight Spam and Music Labels Shovel out More

Within the past few days, the major US internet providers, among them AOL and monopolist Microsoft, joined to fight spam, the unwanted commercial email or UCE.
Now comes RIAA, representing music marketers, from a fresh court loss against peer-to-peer network providers, and decides to generate huge numbers of notices to users of P2P networks, asking them to stop piracy of commercial music of RIAA members.
Ironically, RIAA appears to use data gathered from the networks and the infrastructure of the networks to disseminate its own version of UCE; or should that read "ab-use"?
Read Sabine Roettger's article about the California case and look up today's papers about RIAA's action and the reaction of defenders of privacy. Expect more on the legal issues involving RIAA soon, everywhere.

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