Mon, Mar. 22, 2004

Practical Issues in Copyright Law

CK - Washington.   Sascha Kremer, at, points to a 2001 thesis now available on the Internet for a free download: Junker, Anwendbares Recht und Internationale Zuständigkeit bei Urheberrechtsverletzungen im Internet. The issue of the law applicable to, and jurisdiction appropriate for, copyright infringement cases that occur on the Internet remains an important topic that this practical analysis examines in detail. A recent, not yet final, decision in Hamburg notes, for instance, that German fair use principles in copyright law will not permit the use of a thumbnail representation of a copyrighted work in a link directing visitors to the owner's site. That is the rule for Hamburg, and only until a final resolution of the issue. It illustrates nicely the need for clarification and some common sense.

Cell Phone for Lawyers

CK - Washington.   Building upon earlier attempts at making cell phones useful for professionals, such as the Nokia 9000 smartphone series, Germany's Dictanet now introduces a phone that combines various useful functions: dictation, computation of fees and costs under the German statutory rules, and display of the most important codes in an optimized version for cell phone displays.

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