Mon, May. 03, 2004

Off Topic: Punchcard Lawyer

CK - Washington.   Quite off-topic. Ran into another lawyer with a punchcard history. It has become rare to meet lawyers who know how to operate a telex machine, what an eight inch or five and quarter floppy is, remember shiny fax foil and LP-sized hard drives or who can appreciate a 300 baud acoustic modem. Punchcards seem prehistoric but sure help connect. Settled an IT/IP conflict that could have blown into a protracted affair, in a day, like back when punchcards prevailed.

Conference At Bundesrat 5-5

CK - Washington.   Several bills will go into conference on May 5, 2004. The web site of the Upper House lists them. (The content at that link may not be persistent.) Among the bills is one on the reform of the telecommunications law, one on restrictions of the use of mammals for research, one on gene-modified foods under E.U. rules, one on taking a poll that does not constitute a politically impalatable census, but should produce results for planning and statistical purposes and is called Mikrozensusgesetz 2005 (micro census statute), and finally a bill to ratify a standardized European arrest warrant.

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