Wed, Jun. 16, 2004

EU Arrest Warrant

CK - Washington.   Today, the Federal Diet in Berlin overrode a veto by the Senate against a bill to implement the European Union directive for a unified arrest warrant. The E.U. agreement simplifies the determination of 50 listed offenses deemed to meet the requirement of double criminality.

Law Blogs in Germany II

CK - Washington.   Among the law blogs listed in the Handakte-OPML are Bakraç, and Sevriens.

The Rechtsanwalt Mustafa Bakraç blog is one of the newest blogs in German. Its topics, immigration law and sports law, should interest a good number of American readers. Despite its promise, however, the blog suffers from the scarcity of updates.

By contrast, two other blogs have recently acquired prominent status by virtue of their frequent updates and proprietary entries: and Sevriens. Dennis Sevriens mirrors rarely and, instead, offers proprietary content, in a broad range of civil matters and with a focus on IP. Der Chef kocht selbst, and the food is tasty and hearty. As a result, many bloggers have taken to quoting him. Peter Müller offers insightful analyses into IP developments, is especially strong in domain and ISP law and keeps on top of open source licenses, often with supplementing mirrors.

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