Thu, Sep. 02, 2004

Open Source Courage

CK - Washington.   Stephan Meyer shows courage and creativity. He created a wiki application and plans to publish the source code. He shares his displeasure with the OSI-approved licenses with others, including this author, and developed his own. Sensibly, the license provides some protection for the interests of the original author and subsequent contributors. As Meyer is based in Germany and German copyright ownership would attach to the software, his license also addresses special issues that arise under German law and that so-called standard open-source licenses with the OSI seal of approval do not address either adequately or at all. Sourceforge rejected his release of the program because it is not GPLd. Meyer started a list discussion (license-discuss (a t) and a blog to hear more views on the issue. His copyright-protected license is found at both sites.

Disclosure: Meyer interned with CK in 2002.

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