Mon, Oct. 25, 2004

Managing Politicians

MS - Washington. Kathrin Schmidt and Olaf Herrmann contributed the chapter Management des Abgeordneten to a new manual, Handbuch Politisches Marketing, published by Volker J. Kreyher, editor, in September 2004. Schmidt and Herrmann focus on managing the careers of elected representatives with the objective of ensuring their political future. The authors stress that success in political life is the result of preparing carefully an optimal positioning of candidates. They explain the role of campaign managers in identifying and characterizing candidates. Campaigns become permanent because voters need to know the candidates' points of view as distinguished from potential or actual competitors.

Herrmann's Washington experience shows in this hands-on guide. The theories of political management are similar in the United States and Germany. The article appears to be a useful tool for current and future politicians and their legal and political advisers.

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