Mon, Nov. 15, 2004

Sütterlin Resources

CK - Washington.   Old German legal documents used to be hand-written in a variety of standard writing styles. Graphic designer L. Sütterlin created a new style (now likely called font) which became popular in the early 1900s. A new resource helps readers decipher the old script.

Students who learned the script in school before 1950 often used it as the standard form of writing and continue to use it in correspondence as well as legal documents, such as holographic wills. Therefore, as the author of TransBlawg with her international outlook confirms, awareness of the script retains practical relevance. Some high schools trained students in Sütterlin as late as the 1960s, alongide Latin and Greek, to lend them a basic facility in reading correspondence from their elders.

The Sütterlin script site teaches the script and also points to other resources, such as translation and transscription services.

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