Thu, Feb. 10, 2005

Immigration Guide

CK - Washington.   The Streitsache blog found a new government blog: is an immigration guide published by the Berlin Department of the Interior. Statutes on immigration, nationality, displaced persons are linked from the main page. The site also answers frequently asked questions on German citizenship, refugee and asylum status, visa issues and permanent residency in Germany. The new presentation complements a service provided by the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees, Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge.

Automation in Action

CK - Washington.   For the longest time, German civil procedure has had a system that allows for the automation of collection claims, the Mahnverfahren. Only in the past decade, automation with human supervision and control has taken hold. The result of the proceedings is a money judgment that benefits both creditor and debtor by reducing legal fees, as compared to the standard procedures. As a matter of law, the parties can move the simplified action to the standard procedure into the courtroom. Anke Pohle created a list of links with additional information, as the Christian Säfkens Weblog found.

Airline Duress Online

CK - Washington.   The jurabilis! blog reports of a new criminal complaint based on §240 of the Criminal Code against the owner of a domain name for having incited an online revolt against the Lufthansa airline. The basis of the complaint, which is discussed in greater detail by the Telepolis news service, is an effort in 2001 to generate an online protest against alleged profiteering from deportations.

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