Fri, Feb. 25, 2005

EFiling Statute

CK - Washington.   By April 1, 2005, the new statute adjusting the procedural code for electronic communications with the courts will become effective, notes the Attorney General, Brigitte Zypries, in a press release. EFiling requires the use of electronic signature cards which, in turn, are based on the statute providing for electronic signatures.

Although some software and hardware exists for the use of such signature cards and the use of the electronic signature, the system appears to be prone to mishaps and malfunctions. The DPMS blog reports on such failures, and notes in mailing lists of German lawyers also tend to give a thumbs down to the technology.

Generally, the signature card system appears to be substantially more complicated than, for instance, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office system for simplified electronic signatures which allows for clear-text signatures such as /my name/. Such as system is, however, also open to abuse.

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