Thu, Sep. 08, 2005

By-Election in Dresden

MAG - Washington.   The 2005 election drama adds another act. The election board of the Free State of Saxony announced on September 8, 2005 that the elections in the electoral district of Dresden have to be cancelled and newly arranged.

By statute, a by-election needs to meet the requirements of §43 of the federal election code; Bundeswahlgesetz.

The rerun was caused by the sudden death of Kerstin Lorenz, candidate for the Nationalistic Party of Germany, NPD on September 7, 2005. She died at the age of 43 after suffering a cerebral apoplexy at a campaign rally on September 5, 2005.

The exact date of the by-election has not yet been set. There is general agreement, however, that the general federal elections to the diet in Berlin on September 18, 2005 will not produce a final result. If there should be a narrow majority after the general election, the electoral district 160 of Dresden could decide the outcome for the nation.

Authorities are still verifying if it is possible to publish a preliminary result on September 18. But the final result of the 2005 elections will have to be postponed at least for several weeks until the beautiful Saxon city has also given their approximately 219,000 votes.

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