Wed, Oct. 19, 2005

Vigorous Representation

.   German defense counsel are outraged over the conviction of, and the penalty imposed today on, a respected colleague who in a crimial matter dared question the integrity of police reports. From discussions in German lawyers' boards, the attorney appears to have understood the document(s) to have been tampered with and the police officer(s) to have misrepresented information on their handling.

The matter is the topic of a special purpose blog, Vier Strafverteidiger, i.e. four defense counsel. The Braunschweig court did not mete out a true criminal punishment. Instead, it chose a warning with the threat of a fine measured by 15 days.

This amount is just below the threshhold for eligibility for an appeal--causing additional outrage. The Lichtenrader Notizen blog explains the appellate issues and the option of going beyond the next higher court for a legal review, Revision, specifically a Sprungrevision.

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