Sat, Jun. 09, 2007

Beer Gate?

CK - Washington.Transblawg reports of an age discrimination case in Germany involving an interpreter at the Hannover Fair. While this is interesting news, the comments lead to more revealing information. We read that Bush poured himself a beer at the G8 meeting and Sarkozy was asked why Bush did not show up the next morning. The news here reported that Bush suffered from an upset stomach while a comment there point to a presidential hangover. Not much wrong with that, except for the clean image righteously portrayed by the administration and a possible cover-up by major media.

Addendum: Googling Bush and Bier at European Google news sites produces numerous reports of Bush pouring and drinking one beer. Much ado about nothing, apparently: He appears to have had Non-alcoholic Heineken, just an indication of a limited selection or bad taste. Some report that he had it flown in for the G8 meeting. That would be an expensive beer. That bit may have no legs. AP: White House counselor Dan Bartlett said Bush likely fell ill with "some sort of bug, probably more viral in nature" and that it appeared unrelated to anything he ate..

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