Fri, Jan. 11, 2008

State Offices in Berlin

CK - Washington.   Next to the Holocaust memorial in Berlin, the German states, Länder, maintain branch offices in support of their participation in the German federal legislative process. At their Ministergärten address, some states, such as Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, share buildings.

The states participate directly in the second chamber, Bundesrat, but their offices are close enough to the Bundestag, the general assembly with directly elected representatives. Brandenburg explains additional functions of the Berlin office as a center for communication with federal government agencies, trade associations, embassies and a showcase of the state in the German federal capital.

A congressional staffer mentioned recently that there is no equivalent to such offices in Washington. A walk around Capitol Hill led to Florida House. Florida's embassy provides gracious, unparalleled hospitality to all Floridians who come to our nation's capital.

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