Mon, Aug. 24, 2009

Twitter Law in German Law

CK - Washington.   Twitter makes life complicated for German writers and companies. Even government officials got tempted, and into trouble, when reporting instantaneously--instead of letting a modicum of time expire--the result of a presidential election.

The range of legal issues reaches from the difficulty of meeting German and E.U. identification requirements within the Twitter user interface, to unauthorized disclosure of corporate information--causing liability to employees and corporations alike--and to the usual concerns of defamation, impersonation and fraud.

The minefield is so dangerous that even Germany's most serious daily joined the fray of experts warning of dire consequences. The quotes sources in Zu flink getwittert? Das kann schief gehen! include German lawyers familiar to the still fairly small community of IT/IP law twitterers. A representative collection of those is found under following at USAnwalt.

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