Fri, Apr. 01, 2011

German Court Views Street View

NK - Washington.   The German Court of Appeals for the District of Berlin, Kammergericht, released a press statement in the matter 10 W 127/10. The court dismissed the plaintiff's complaint, holding that Google may legally photograph buildings from public streets with its Street View cars.

The plaintiff, an owner of real estate displayed in Google Street View, alleged that Google infringed her privacy because its affixed the camera to a 10 feet tripod. As a result, the Google images contain perspectives beyond enclosures--a view unavailable to pedestrians.

The Kammergericht reviewed the privacy issue and affirmed the opinion of the district court. The court reasoned that the plaintiff failed to prove the fact that Google's pictures show the inside of her building. Google's offer to pixellate buildings--available to individuals in Germany--would provide her with a sufficient remedy in the event that an image should display the protected interior of a building.

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