Fri, Dec. 01, 2000

Internet Guestbook Maintained by German Lawyer

CK - Washington.   Maxi Krumbiegel explains in Legality of Guest Book Maintained by German Lawyer the rationale applied by the Nürnberg-Fürth District Court in prohibiting the use of an internet guest book on a law firm web site. Each comment provided by a visitor would generate a violation of the professional ethics code.

Thu, Oct. 12, 2000

Law on Generic Domain Names Under

EW - Washington.   In 2000, the Hamburg Court of Appeals (OLG Hamburg CR 1999,779) faced the issue of use of a generic term such as Mitwohnzentrale in a domain name. In his report, Thorsten Dardat critically examines the court's analysis of generic domain names under German trademark law, unfair competition law and the name-specific rules of the German Civil Code.

Fri, May. 12, 2000

Simplified Collection Claim Processing in Germany

JG - Washington.   Kerstin Grote developed a comprehensive overview of the computer-aided processing system in Germany that allows courts to process money claims in automated steps. The system is quicker and less expensive for the parties than the traditional process. The author focuses on the due process aspects, the benefits of this evolving approach and the potential usefulness of the system for foreign claimants.

Sat, Jan. 01, 2000

Notes on German Civil Law and Procedure 2000

German Domain Name and Trademark Law (Thorsten Dardat, October 12, 2000)

Liability for EMail (Clemens Kochinke, June 19, 1999)

European Directive 1999/5/EC on Telecommunication Hardware (Kerstin Grote, April 12, 2000)

Simplified Collection Claim Processing in Germany (Kerstin Grote, May 12, 2000)

The Business of Private Cease-and-Desist Orders (Christiane Krüger, May 15, 2000)

Notes on German Public Law 2000

Compensation for East German Victims of Political Persecution (Kerstin Grote, Sep 15, 2000)

Miscellaneous Topics in German Law

Torsten Dardat, Law on Generic Domain Names, Fall 2000

Hanns-Martin Kurz, German Courts Prohibit Co-Shopping Web Sites, October 2000

von Herget, Vanity Numbers and Domain Names in German Law, October 2000, in German

Notes on German Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure 2000

German Arrest of Nazi Denier Confirmed by Supreme Court (Tom Scheirs, February 21, 2000)

Privilege of Journalists to Refuse to Testify (Kerstin Grote, Apr 18, 2000)

Don'tCollect-GoToJail.Com (Clemens Kochinke, Sep 15, 2000)

German Case Law on Generic Domain Names and a Criminal Conviction (Thorsten Dardat, Fall 2000)

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