Thu, Oct. 17, 2002

IT-Days In Munich

JG - Washington.   In his conference report, Stephan Meyer summarizes the main issues discussed at the first IT-Day in Munich which took place on October 17, 2002. He focuses on the different presentations given by Prof. Dr. Schneider who placed emphasis on the protection of computer software, by Prof. Dr. Siebert who provided an overview of the growing importance of digital goods on the Internet and Dr. Bräutigam who examined the effect of the new German law of obligations on especially on the IT-related contracts.

Fri, Jul. 05, 2002

German Supreme Court Protects Domain Names

JG- Washington, DC   In his review of a German Supreme Court decision Christian Schröder addresses a case of an individual, who shares a name with a famous company. The plaintiff, German Shell GmbH, \was prevented from registering the domain name "", because an individual, Andreas Shell, had already used it for his private website. The Supreme Court deemed the risk of consumer confusion so extraordinary that it carved out an exception to the " first come first serve rule".

Fri, May. 24, 2002

How German Software Escrow Benefits from US Experience

CK - Washington.   Software ecrow with independent third party experts has become a fixture in the American landscape. In Germany, escrow is often done through attorneys and notaries. Aside from potential legal issues resulting from statutory and ethical obligations, such escrow is frequently insufficient because of the lack of technical expertise. Bea Wray, Christian Kast and Stephan Meyer explain how the American experience can be applied to the German environment.

Tue, Jan. 01, 2002

Notes on German Civil Law and Procedure 2002

Information Technology Law: First Bavarian IT Day (Stephan Meyer, October 20, 2002)

Domain Names: Some Notorious Names Protected by German Supreme Court (Christian Schröder, July 5, 2002)

Software Escrow - A Solution in Germany (Christian Kast, Stephan Meyer, Bea Wray, May 24, 2002)

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