Fri, Dec. 06, 2019

App-Aided Crowdwork Contract Can't Imply Employ

CK - Washington.   A framework contract for on-demand work assignments does not con­sti­tu­te em­ployment in the matter 8 Sa 146/19 decided on De­cem­ber 4, 2019 by the Appeals Court for Employment Matters in Bavaria. The fra­me­work agree­ment enab­les a com­pa­ny to pub­lish re­quests for bids to per­form spe­ci­fic tasks with­in a defined timeframe at va­ri­ous lo­ca­ti­ons near in­ter­ested bid­ders. The par­ties in­ter­act through a soft­wa­re pro­gram. A per­son who per­for­med a task ar­gued it be­ca­me an em­ployee, lea­ding to tax, so­ci­al se­cu­ri­ty con­tri­bu­ti­on, in­su­ran­ce and em­ploy­ment is­su­es.

The court issued a press release in German that describes the par­ti­cu­lar task at is­sue. The court de­ter­mi­ned that the framework contract does nei­ther re­qui­re the com­pa­ny to post re­quests nor the per­for­mer to con­si­der or ac­cept a task. By con­trast, em­ploy­ment sup­po­ses at a mi­ni­mum in­struc­tion-ba­sed and com­pli­an­ce-en­for­ced work in a re­la­tion­ship where the per­for­mer is de­pen­dent on the com­pa­ny. Ty­pi­cal­ly, an em­plo­yee would need to ob­ser­ve ru­les about ti­me, lo­ca­ti­on and con­tent of an ac­ti­vi­ty whi­le the em­plo­yer would in­te­gra­te the em­plo­yee into its fa­bric, the court noted.

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