Thu, Jul. 24, 2003

Ticketmaster Masters Thicket of Privacy Laws -- Ticks Off Privacists

CK - Washington.   Incredibly, Ticketmaster's privacy policy allows sharing of all personal customer information except credit card specifics with whoever they please. This is the upshot of an investigation by Ed Foster, published on his customer protection website.

The company told Ed that its business partners use it as their agent and want that information and, therefore, Ticketmaster gives it to them -- band, promoter and all. It argues that privacy is effectively dead, although it prefers the term anonymity. If you want privacy, or if you would rather not receive emails from the company and its buddies, Ticketmaster suggests in a note to Ed that you get your tickets elsewhere.

Oh, and don't bother with the legal thicket masterwork of its so-called privacy policy -- opting out is not an option. Besides, who are you to assure Ticketmaster that you say who you are? With privacy dead, you might just be an imposter.

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