Sun, Apr. 18, 2004

Disclaimer for Links

CK - Washington.   Law Blog, a.k.a. law blog 2, states the obvious: Disclaimers for links are futile under German law. Un-endorsing an endorsed link by way of disclaimer will not fly. Conversely, an un-endorsed link remains un-endorsed and requires no disclaimer, and a bad disclaimer might do more harm than good. Quite appropriately, therefore, Law Blog warns the German public of the silly nature of link disclaimers which have become as popular as the English term itself.

The very aesthetically designed Law Blog itself is an example of the anglicized culture of naming German weblogs. There are now two using that title: Law Blog in München and the provocatively entertaining law blog in Düsseldorf. Confusing, but not as much as what Transblawg found in another context.

For an ancient topical discussion, see Kochinke/Tröndle, Links, Frames and Metatags, CR 1999, 190. For technical background in German, see Links & Law, a thesis in German. See also The Link Controvery Page.

Supreme Patent Court Cites Wiki

CK - Washington.   The Supreme Federal Court in München chided the German Patent and Trademark Office for failing to consider current sources in trademark examinations. The court determined that the mark Explorer may not be trademarked, as advobLAWg notes. adds that the court cited the open-source Wiki-based encylopedia, WikiPedia, as of January 19, 2004, not just leather-bound prints.

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