Fri, May. 07, 2004

License Battles

CK - Washington.   The more the merrier. Both Handakte WebLAWg and blog note efforts to provide a creative commons type license that will hold up in German law. In addition to a draft translation of the Creative Commons terms for copyright and reciprocity, there are four mutually complementary licenses known as Lizenz für Freie Inhalte, or License for Free Content, by Centrum für eCompetence in Hochschulen NRW known as CeC. lists the four CeC types and summarizes their purposes.

The next question is which of these licenses, if any, will survive the scrutiny of American law? It's Friday afternoon, the weather is great, and I am not going to offer an opinion ...

Nothing to Hide

CK - Washington.   Nothing to Hide v. Privacy sums up the topics of a conference held tomorrow at Mediakulturzentrum Dresden in Saxony. The title Datenspuren - Privatsphäre war gestern, The Data Trail - Privacy is so Yesterday (my translation), covers presentations from numerous experts that range from public video surveillance via trusted computing to file sharing and data protection under Saxon and European law. The materials linked to the web invitation are examplarily useful introductions, and it is hoped that the resulting papers will be published at the same site which offers an RSS feed.

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