Wed, May. 26, 2004

Last Call: GDR Takings

CK - Washington.   On June 16, 2004, a final deadline to file claims for the recovery of compensation of lost property within the territory of the former German Democratic Republic will expire. Such claims fall under the GDR Compensation Performance Statute, DDR-Entschädigungserfüllungsgesetz (CPS), of December 17, 2003, see BGBl. I No. 59, 2471. The Federal Justice Ministry advised of the statutory deadline in a press release.

Claims under the CPS relate to real estate expropriated by the former East German government for which no compensation was made under East German, occupational or West German law. The interaction between the various statutes by the various sovereigns is fairly complicated. In certain instances, such as when a claim has been filed under the pan-German statute and has not been finally resolved, filing a claim under the CPS may not be needed. By contrast, filing a new claim within the deadline is required if the GDR authorities rejected a claim for compensation under its law but a claim could validly exist under the CPS.

Various states, such as Sachsen-Anhalt, provide contact information on the internet.

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