Tue, Jun. 15, 2004

Law Blogs in Germany I

CK - Washington.   The number of law blogs in Germany has grown substantially in the past year. In this series, I will highlight a few of them.

Handakte WebLAWg is reportedly the most active German-language blog. A mirror master, Handakte is quick to pick up current developments from a variety of sources and to devotes a good bit to commentary and analysis. The focus is broad, ranging from the coverage of newsworthy items to legal insight and technical developments. Reporting appears to run around the clock. It offers a good start in the morning to get the lay of the land. Its author has been called the pope of blawgs. He is also involved in a new service called Newest Ripped-Off News.

law blog is always entertaining, mixing bits of wisdom with witty stories: The reality show of gBlawgs. From the field reporting endears the author to his readers. Each entry is a self-contained topical unit, and many entries trigger trails of comments. This is the blog for when you crave to know what the main character experienced over the past few hours--before you turn to the lay of the land.

German language blogs are OPML'd at log.handakte.de

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