Thu, Jun. 17, 2004

Attorney Time Management

SK - Washington.   Benno Heussen published the second edition of Time Management für Anwälte (ISBN 3-406-51958-X) to rave reviews. Time is money. The highly successful author, attorney and law professor appreciates its meaning for lawyers, even in Germany with its traditionally value-based fee system. Heussen focuses on managing time for attorneys so that they can tap into their full potential. He offers valuable clues on how to deal with clients, schedules and deadlines. His tips range from handling daily mail and appointments to drafting briefs.

His qualification of mastering three careers simultaneously enables Heussen to authoritatively explain how to gain more time, improve the quality of work and cut expenses by using simple tools. Numerous illustrations serve to clarify his ideas, such as the basic concepts of time management; work techniques (e. g. speed reading, calling and the use of organizer and computer); avoidance of disturbances and irrelevant information; traditional time management such as scheduling working weeks and days and preparing checklists for contracts, pleadings, opinion memorandums and client correspondence.

Suggestions, such as an extensive list of web pages and recommendations of organizer hardware and software, add to the value of the second edition. Even though one may not conduct one's life under a strict regimen of time management, this book is enjoyable and encouraging.

Law Blogs in Germany III

CK - Washington.   Two blogs in Germany deserve praise for original content and plenty of supporting links: Transblawg and LAWgical.

Ladies First: Transblawg is not strictly a law blog and is instead run by an English solicitor who specializes in German to English translations. Her trademark topics are language trends and Gerglish terminology, some of which are not merely educational but also quite humorous. Frequently, she delves into brilliant analyses of German and English legal terms, covering a geographical range that extends beyond the namesake nations, and lays out the root causes of confusion in translations as well as solutions appropriate for various legal systems.

LAWgical provides a constant flow of in-depth analysis with plenty of references, usually in matters relating to technology, such as the current discussion of value added communications services and vendor evaluations at eBay, often with a sprinkling of technical recommendations. OPMLs the German-language law blogs.

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