Sat, Jun. 19, 2004

Law Blogs in Germany IV

CK - Washington.   Among the OPML'd gBlawgs, a few sleeper blogs surprise periodically. Others are stalwarts of steadiness.

Law Blog belongs to the first group, handsomely designed, with occasional, well-researched entries on new IP developments. Similarly, Christian Säfkens Weblog picks a topic of broad concern and publishes thoughtful analyses and commentary, or presents a novel perspective, such as criminal and constitutional aspects in pharma matters. Simon's Blawg serves usually like a radar-scope, catching blips and furnishing links in German and English. Now and then, sparing, reasoned annotations follow.

Vertretbar Weblawg covers the middle ground. Well-researched material is extensively reported, and then, it seems, the author wants to let it sink in. The fact that these blogs experience marked ebbs and flows does not detract from their obvious quality.

jurabilis!, a full power blog, easily offsets one or two sleeper blogs. Like Handakte, it is quick to discern trends, to mirror, or point to, newstickers and to add personal observations and handy reference lists.

When speaking of the characteristics of the gBlawgs in this series, one characteristic applies across the board: Humor, and sometimes levity or irony, help these authors, some of whom should be fierce and possibly cynical competitors, achieve a collegial spirit.

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