Fri, Jun. 25, 2004

Law Blogs in Germany V

CK - Washington.   Some law blogs annoy by lecturing on IT matters as if blawgs served the technology-challenged. I prefer those who treat IT like love. Enjoy it, master it, no need to blab about it in court. Here are some gBlawgs that stay the legal course. maintains, sporadically, but with a renewed promise of increased frequency, a discourse on constitutional and administrative law. Despite an emphasis on the law relating to educational institutions, you will find examinations of recent cases involving money laundering, privacy or the right to avoid the draft. offers a mix of straight and humorous insights into major legal developments and matters related to careers and expectations from the vantage point of law students. The focus of is IP law and policy--or is it entertainment law? Well done, interesting positions, topically a bit discombobulated, but worth visiting. By contrast, expect to get clobbered by recurring but well-articulated opinions at the professorial Lenz Blog Deutsch. Patent law, and especially no patent law for software, is the theme that holds much promise if only there were more frequent updates.

Needless to say, blawgs devoted to IT issues for lawyers without electric thumbs should keep up their good work, and my link to Handakte WebLawg which OPMLs the German-language law blogs falls, naturally, outside of the scope of the rule proclaimed above.

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