Sun, Aug. 01, 2004

Law Blogs in Germany VI

CK - Washington.   The number of law blogs in German has grown in the spring and early summer and now comprises almost 30 blogs in the OPMLed listing at

The new blogs include student blogs and blogs of lawyers going through their education in the judicial systems which is required before admission to the bar. There is even a blog by a future law student. A reliable high point of German law blog reading is, however, the blog. Also known as advobLAWg and counted among the oldest blogs in German, its author has assembled an encyclopedia of case law in a broad range of subjects. There is frequent digression, when technical issues interfere with the legal analysis. This makes advobLAWg an acquired taste if you dislike such material in a topical blog but, overall, it should be on the worth-reading list.

Speaking of technical issues, recently adapted a PHP script that enables the automatic integration of the OPML file into PHP-enabled blogs which would render a complete blog list. Die Blogelei is an embryonic GALJ attempt at separating technical and organizational issues from topical news in the German American Law Journal, currently in the blosxom blog format and tentatively in the wiki format.

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