Sat, Oct. 16, 2004

Celebrating the Justice System

CK - Washington.   Karlsruhe, the capital of the German judiciary, hosts the Supreme Constitutional Court, Bundesverfassungsgericht, the Supreme Court in Civil and Criminal Matters, Bundesgerichtshof and numerous other courts. Today, the city concludes a week to celebrate the justice system, Woche der Justiz. Performances included presentations in courts, jails and other institutions as well as in theaters and cabarets. They ranged from mock trials to readings and auctions.

Phantom Lawmaker

CK - Washington.   A phantom lawmaker introduces the reader in a new blog, Geschichten aus dem Bundestag, to the workings of the Berlin parliament, Bundestag. In the initial entries, Hausgeist Mierscheid illustrates the underground system that connects various buildings of the diet, which seems similar to the tunnels in Capitol Hill except that it lacks a railroad. The blog does not limit itself to the physical structures. A recent entry addresses salaries of the 601 members of the parliament and muses about their work and stature.

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