Sat, Nov. 20, 2004

Call for Papers: Privacy

CK - Washington.   Privacy issues, criminal considerations, data protection obligations and a variety of other legal issues affect efforts to protect technical systems against gainst invasions. Systems such as honeypots, used to analyze unauthorized access or the functionality of malware or misguide hackers into fake systems designed merely to induce their illegal explorations, raise entrapment concerns.

To define links between the law and technology in this field, the security section of the German society of information technology, Gesellschaft für Informatik, has issued a call for papers under the heading Privacy Respecting Incident Management, PRIMA, due for its satellite workshop on April 6, 2005 in Regensburg.

The intersection of such, ultimately defensive, technologies and the law poses numerous legal issues, especially in the international arena. Honeynet mailing lists continue to address legal concerns and reflect approaches that differ by nations and techologies under examination. Although the PRIMA program will be mainly in German, the call for papers extends to English-speaking contributors.

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