Sat, Nov. 27, 2004

Celebrating the Civil Code

CK - Washington.   Several years after its precursor, the Code de Rohan, entered into force in then French-occupied Malta with its hybrid legal system, the famous Code Civil became the law of the land in France and an influence in other nations. At the time, Germany was splintered into numerous legal systems with a variety of codifications of the law. The Saarland University celebrated the introduction of the French code 200 years ago with a special event on November 26, 2004.

Treadmill Career

CK - Washington.   Anonymous Lawyer finds plenty of applicants for entry level jobs in big law firms. Die Welt carries an article on careers in big German law firms. It contrasts the disillusioned life of a Clifford Chance associate with that of a solo lawyer whom a grateful little old lady rewards with a bottle of champaign. The middle ground is presented with the description of life at Gleiss Lutz, a major home-grown German firm that is not the result of confusing mergers and enjoys a stellar reputation for mastering challenging international assignments while maintaining a sense of style and humaneness.

Bits also at jurabilis!, D-Recht and Handakte WebLAWg.

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