Mon, Nov. 29, 2004

International Arbitration

MS - Washington.   Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler, President of the Swiss Arbitration Association, and Blaise Stucki, both as editors of International Arbitration in Switzerland, released this handbook with contributions from experienced practitioners. Since the Alabama case, in which the U.S. government raised claims against Great Britain for the damages inflicted on merchant ships during the Civil War with the support of British interests, Switzerland's neutrality makes it a desirable location for international arbitration.

The articles written by Swiss lawyers explain the procedures of such arbitration, from drafting of the arbitration clause to the challenge of the arbitration award. The practical manual is helpful for decisions on ad hoc and institutional arbitration, for petitions for specific types of interim measures, for estimates of the duration of setting aside proceedings before the Federal Tribunal, and for appraising the costs of such proceedings. Swiss Arbitration is frequently embodied in German American contracts, and the handbook comes highly recommended for practitioners in that field.

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