Fri, Jan. 28, 2005

Worst of Wursts

CK - Washington.   Some bad apples operated the Bockwurst Files until German police last night cracked the software crackers' wursthaus. German anti-piracy group GVU tracked the crackers and forced them to side-track to the United States, the Netherlands and Malaysia. Winfuture reports that the site had some 100,000 visitors daily and some 10,000 forum members. Reportedly, the site offered software as well as EBooks. At the time of this writing, its main site seems to have shut down but a site offering Bockwurst-branded CD blanks continues to operate.

Switch to Open Source Opinion

CK - Washington.   The LAWgical blog published a brief commentary on the May 25, 2004 opinion by Roman Sedlmaier, Jan Gigerich, Rechtliche Bedingungen und Risiken der Landeshauptstadt München für den Einsatz von Open-Source Software, or Legal Environment and Risks of the State Capital Munich in the Adoption of Open Source Software, written in German.

The blog summarizes the patent aspects of the opinion and concludes that the opinion finds a minimal exposure of the city to patent claims. To the extent that patent claims should affect the use of open source software, its functionality might be slightly reduced. The city could recover such functionality through licenses or replace it with unpatented equivalents.

The detailed opinion on potential legal conflicts the city of Munich, Germany, could face when moving its IT infracture to open source systems has been published at PC Jur.

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