Fri, Mar. 18, 2005

The Swiss Banking Business

SKe - Washington.  The new edition of Das Schweizerische Bankgeschäft, The Swiss Banking Business, by Urs Emch, Hugo Renz, Reto Arpagaus, Schulthess-Verlag, 2004, informs of drastic changes in the Swiss banking and finance market since the fifth edition was published in 1993.

The Swiss legislator revised the statutory bases for banking, the National bank and investments and enacted a new Stock Exchange Act and money laundering legislation. Among other parts, the chapters on private banking and investment banking and commerce are new or substantially updated. The manual analyzes also the regulatory decrees of the federal Banking Commission.

The handbook addresses also the international environment that affects the Swiss banking system, such as the regulatory EU banking scheme and the IMF in Washington. The 964 page manual aims at providing the reader with a systematic description of the legal environment of the banking and finance markets. It is suitable as a textbook for bank management and as a reference book for economists, lawyers and judges and it also serves as a key resource from the banking customer perspective.

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