Sat, Apr. 02, 2005

Proper Citation in German Texts

CK - Washington.   A note in Jones.Blog. elicits a comment with a link to the proper citation of legal material in various types of legal writings. The Mankowski proposal, Zitier- und Gliederungsempfehlungen für die Anfertigung schriftlicher Arbeiten, is not as comprehensive as the Blue Book or the Chicago Manual of Style. A key suggestion of his is to accept foreign citations as they are in the proper foreign style and never to adapt them to German rules of citation.

Procedure in Germany and United States

CK - Washington.   Criminal procedure differs greatly between Germany and the United States, an analysis discovered by Streitsache blog explains. Authored by Jupp Joachimski, the presiding judge at the Bavarian appellate court, the comparative report in English under the heading of Criminal Procedure in Germany explores various legal systems. At the same site, the judge also publishes notes on his experience in assisting in the development of the legal system in Mongolia. He is also the author of several books and chapters on the education of lawyers and a handbook for judges.


CK - Washington.   The senate in Berlin, Bundesrat, recently entered the game business. On March 21, 2005, director Dirk Brouer introduced a game designed to teach youngsters the principles of federalism. Föderalion exists in a CD and an online version. The latter is now online and works, at least in Linux.

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