Mon, May. 02, 2005

Medication Row

CK - Washington.   The Wall Street Journal on page B1 today reports that German Curbs on Drug Costs Rile Big Brands. The paper notes that manufacturers of pharmaceuticals fear the new and effective German reimbursement system for medications might spread to other countries. They express concern over the equal treatment for patent-protected medication and generic products of equal efficacy. The article states that health care is funded by taxation and run by the state but then turns to an example in which it mentions a private fund that sees a big drop in its reimbursement for some patented products.

The newspaper repeats the frequently-found belief that the German health care system is a tax-funded public system. Essentially, it is not because the state only requires the populace to be insured--how they are insured is a matter for the private sector. There are numerous providers to choose from.

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