Fri, May. 20, 2005

Fear of Blogging

CK - Washington.   The German blog scene fears restrictive measures that Austria has already enacted. Effective July 1, 2005, any person publishing anything on the Internet in Austria will need to place identifying information on the web site. German law is less restrictive at this time and leaves bloggers and non-commercial writers some wiggle room. Simon's Blawg offers a number of useful links and tongue-in-cheek observations on things to come.

Apparently, Europe is resting on its data protection laurels and believes that the release of private information on web sites helps the consumer--the same consumer whom Europe requires to throw identification data to the sharks.

By contrast, U.S. Secret Service director Ralph Basham called on industry and governments world-wide to protect data from global cybercrime. At a CSIS/BSA conference in Washington on May 17, 2005, none of the government representatives, enforcement agents included, expressed concern with the anonymous use of the Internet. Quite the contrary, they appeared to uniformly support the constitutional right to free and anonymous speech.

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