Wed, Jun. 15, 2005

Free Speech Upheld

CK - Washington.   Alvar Freude properly used satire on his web site to warn of threats to free speech principles, the Stuttgart appellate court held today, see our prior coverage. Simon's Blawg covered the hearing, apparently live, and has a detailed report in German, with a summary in English.

Blocking Foreign Sites

.   A court determined that the government may order ISPs to block access to certain foreign websites. The Düsseldorf Administrative Law Court based its decision in the matter 27 K 5968/02 on the criminal code which outlaws comprehensively activities and conduct that glorify the Nazi regime and associated (un-)culture.

The rationale for the decision has not yet been published but IT-Blawg has a long analysis in German. The particulars of German history may justify the approach taken by the court, and suppression of Nazi matter has a long tradition that dates back to the influence of the enlightened occupational forces after World War II. At the same time, the old question arises afresh of whether the special anti-Nazi rule opens the door to additional restrictive measures.

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