Fri, Sep. 02, 2005

Foreign Assistance: No Thanks

CK - Washington.   Information pours in that the United States declines offers of flood assistance from foreign countries.

On the radio, listeners complain that foreign countries show no interest in assisting America. Gradually, some radio stations broadcast corrections to that view.

By tonight, it seems clear that such offers meet resistance. Under NATO/SOFA, GIs from American military bases were free to act in Germany, and they assisted regularly and generously in German floods and other catastrophes. Germany is one of the countries that has offered the United States disaster relief, such as from its Technical Relief Agency, THW. Naturally, Germany is not in the same position as the United States under NATO/SOFA and may not send its troops from its bases in the Southwest to the flood zones, to fly in its search and rescue experts, or to bring THW generators to the South.

Sovereignty and humanitarian aid--a complicated mix.

Update: NBC News just confirms that the Administration has rejected foreign offers of assistance.

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