Sat, Nov. 12, 2005

JuraBlogs Tools for German Law

CK - Washington.   The German legal metablog engine, JuraBlogs, has achieved important status in the German world of legal blogs. Recently, JuraBlogs developed several search and informational tools which it offers without charge to users of the Firefox and Flock browsers.

JuraBlogs Toolbar is an extension with a search function. Enter a legal term, such as Bundesberufungsgericht, press enter, and Jurablogs will list all articles with that term.

Kontextsuche enables the user to hightlight a word in any text displayed in the browser, right-click to display the menu option for a search of such text in JuraBlogs, and voila: Jurablogs lists the pertinent blog entries.

Finally, the toolbar contains a button for current blog entries listed on JuraBlogs. This function enables the user to by-pass the JuraBlogs site and head directly to the most recent additions listed with JuraBlogs--a somewhat altruistic tool from a website that makes it forego some traffic. Only a site that is worth visiting several times a day can afford to offer such a tool, and JuraBlogs has achieved that prominence.

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