Sat, Dec. 24, 2005

Rützel, Wegen & Wilske on German Disputes

.   The authors of Commercial Dispute Resolution in Germany are highly respected transnational practitioners. Their new book, ISBN 3-406-52169-X, in the C.H. Beck series German Law Accessible shares with English-speaking practitioners, but also Germans desiring to explain their law to foreign counterparts, their intense experience and comprehensive knowledge of the German practice of dispute resolution.

Approximately half of the 473-page softbound volume contains English translations of the pertinent German statutes, such as the rules of civil procedure and arbitration, but also the statute on the recognition and enforcement in Germany of foreign judgments. The legislative materials extend to certain treaties that relate to the subject matter, such as the Hague conventions on service and evidence. What is particularly useful for foreign and German users is the two column approach of the original German and the translated English materials.

In Part 1, the authors introduce the reader to commercial dispute resolution in Germany, beginning with the basics and essentials, such as the court systems, jurisdiction and securing evidence. They move on quickly to particulars of the judicial process in litigation and then turn to arbitration and finally to mediation. Sequentially and methodically, Rützel, Wegen and Wilske guide the reader through the various facets and the turns and tribulations of these procedures.

Useful tables and indices complement the introduction to the German dispute resolution mechanisms and make the new book the most important current addition to--and practical tool in--any lawyer's library that covers transnational litigation, arbitration and mediation with a German nexus. The publisher offers a PDF sample for download.

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