Mon, Jan. 23, 2006

Meals with Justices

CK - Washington.   The Jurastudentin blog recounts a law student visit with the federal supreme court for civil matters in Karlsruhe, Bundesgerichtshof. She shares her insights gained from dining with the justices: How to get the job. When to make that career decision. How to behave before and after deliberations. What types of personalities to expect.

The student also reports of her discussions with lawyers before a hearing and their evolving attitudes in the course of their debate with the justices. Her first-person account does not pretend to be academically significant but occasionally reaches a level beyond the entertaining. An example is the acerbic debate she witnessed between a law school professor and the librarian of the court about sharing old library assets with the Leipzig department of the court after German reunification.

Based on such experiences here, there and elsewhere, one can agree with the law student on a lasting impression she took with her: Justices are real people. They can be as personally likeable as any person not on a supreme court.

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