Sat, Apr. 01, 2006

Council Defederalizes

CK - Washington.Defederalize and Reenergize--with this motto, the Neoburg council abolished all federal and state rules for new businesses in the county. New companies will pay no taxes for 3 years, employees will have no job contracts but receive profit participation, and owners will need to file no forms with any German agency. The council decided on the novel approach after realizing that businesses spend 41.06% of their time on what they do best, and some 60% on compliance with federal regulations.

Mayor Workemaker explained that local businesses would report transactions to a new county office which will make and collect payments, deduct VAT, do payroll and perform all compliance work that may be required. The county will outsource this service to other new businesses without charge, instead counting on increased revenue from increased employment and increased business revenue.

As an option, the office will take care of contracts and coordinate any other services typically outsourced, such as advertising, catering, health care and insurance, and indemnify the businesses against standard nuisances, such as risks from the cease-and-desist mania running amok in certain legal circles. The new office will be staffed only with personnel with private sector experience of a minimum of 41 years and will dispense with the federal age limit.

The concept of defederalizing has been advocated by both unions and employers. A legal opinion by Prof. Dr. Ubershlow terms the concept constitutional. As a result, Neoburg's employers are anticipated to spend upwards of 98% of their time and resources on business matters. Under Council Reg. 1IV06, the county expects revenues to grow by 22% annually.

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