Sat, Jul. 15, 2006

Prayer for Relief: Mobbing

CK - Washington.Mobbing is a popular German term and apparently unrelated to the English word. Search engines point to unsatisfactory personal interaction in the area of employment relations and elsewhere, similar to harassment, bullying, or causing others hurt feelings or a bad hair day. Relief for some such conduct should be sought in a church, drugstore or beer joint, but some perceive mobbing as so hurtful that they seek refuge in the law.

In a current discussion on legal boards, there is general consensus that mobbing does not constitute a defined cause of action. While some lawyers consider mobbing generic actionable conduct for which relief in the form of cease and desist orders may be available, others require that any claim for relief be based on the specific conduct which may, or may not, be actionable under traditional notions of torts and contract. A tort of mobbing or Tatbestand Mobbing is too imprecise to allow for legal relief.

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