Fri, Oct. 05, 2007

German-American Law Conference

CK - Washington.   After an encouraging and stimulating introduction by Ambassador Scharioth of the German Embassy in Washington, DC and both Ludwig Leyendecker and Georgetown University Law School Dean Alexander Aleinikoff relating German-American law relations back to the many expelled German lawyers who became influential in the United States and Europe since the early 1930s, the first annual meeting of the German-American lawyers group from Germany, DAJV, launched into intensive analyses of comparative German and American legal issues and the introduction into new legal developments in Germany.

The first panel examined global civil procedure by comparing the good and bad in the German and American, mostly federal, judiciary. Justice based on law and procedural justice were interestingly juxtaposed.

The intricacies of current trends in European M&A reminded some of early developments in federal, and sometimes conflicting, state law in the United States when regulating mergers and particularly hostile takeovers. Many of the tax aspects of M&A transactions in German law appeared to have some observing law students' eyes glaze over--but they were not alone in that feeling. The opening panels on October 4, 2007 proved a promising and successful beginning of the conference which has more attendants from Germany than ordinarily travel to the Berlin meetings.

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