Sun, Feb. 17, 2008

Tax and Ethics Scandal

CK - Washington.   The tax and ethics scandal rocking Germany involving business leaders has led to the resignation of one of the most powerful executives and to questions about government investigators buying tainted information. Corporate icons have often been accused of greed, such as American-sized incentives and bonus awards without solid contractual basis.

But nobody expected a huge-scale tax evasion scheme which now appears to be unfolding. The flipside of questionable ethics by business involves ethics in enforcement. Questions are being raised over the alleged purchase by the German government of stolen banking information from a bank employee in the Liechtenstein tax haven.

The federal government websites, such as at the Chancellery, the federal criminal service and the federal tax department, are currently devoid of comments or explanations. The finance department's website carries a number of February 2008 reports on tax evasion, tax ethics and tax justice and stronger enforcement of laws against untaxed services, but nothing on the investigation of former McKinsey consultant and Post CEO Zumwinkel.

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