Sat, Oct. 25, 2008

German Top Courts

CK - Washington.   America may have more supreme courts than Germany, but Germany operates more top courts at the federal level. Here is a list, with the proper names and descriptive equivalents in English:

Federal Constitutional Court
Federal Supreme Court
Federal Supreme Administrative Court
Federal Supreme Employment Relations Court
Federal Supreme Social Court
Federal Supreme Tax Court
Federal Supreme Patent Court
The Federal Supreme Court enjoys jurisdiction for matters not reserved to the other special supreme courts, such as civil and criminal disputes. State constitutional matters fall within the jurisdiction of state constitutional courts listed at Deutsche Justiz.

Web Deposits Required

CK - Washington.   Like the Library of Congress, Deutsche Nationalbiblithek serves as a depositary for published works. On October 23, 2008, a statutory amendment expanded the deposit requirement to include Internet publications.

The extraterritorial reach of the new regulation, Pflicht­ablieferungs­verordnung, will be an interesting issue to watch. International publishers protested in an uproar some twenty years ago when the Library of Congress expanded its reach and attempted to enforce deposits on foreign publications.

The definition of Internet publications subject to the German deposit requirement is vague. There is an ongoing discussion in Germany about the application of the regulation to non-commercial Internet publications. The regulation implements §20 of the Statute on the German National Library. DNB maintains a FAQ on web publications.

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