Wed, Aug. 12, 2009

Blogging Judge UnImpressed

CK - Washington.   Some E.U. nations know an identification requirement for web site operators. Germany applies it to commercial sites. Courts stretch the circle so that many bloggers assume the so-called Impressum rule includes them.

An anonymously blogging, purported judge believes the constitution exempts him. In addition, he is not seeking more business. A blogging lawyer claims to now have filed a criminal complaint against the John Doe perpetrator a.k.a. Judge Volker Ballmann, seeking his identity and punishment.

And the point is? Increase the volume of visitors to the sites? Generally, the violation of the rules on the identification of operators is a matter for the government to pursue and could lead to a civil fine.

There is also the widely abused practice of civil actions by competitors triggering hefty legal fees which--in the absence of the American Rule--can cripple an alleged offender.

Time will tell if a competing judge will consider himself competitively disadvantaged by Ballmann, the unImpressed colleague.

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