Fri, Sep. 16, 2011

Google Analytics Now Legal in Germany

CK - Washington.   Google and German data protection officials worked out a plan to legalize Google Analytics in Germany. There will be effects on other European nations.

The data protection official in Hamburg had argued that Analytics violated German data protection law. Google and Hamburg, acting on behalf of a group of state German data protection agencies, negotiated. On September 15, 2011, Hamburg proclaimed Google setzt Forderungen der Aufsichtsbehörden um: Google to implement demands of the monitoring authorities.

As a result of the agreement, web site operators may use Analytics without the Damocles' Sword of sanctions, users will obtain means to effectively object to the gathering of their access data, web site operators may request the deletion of the last octet of IP addresses within all of Europe, and Google will offer web site operators an agreement for the use of Analytics that complies with the German federal data protection statute and its requirements for the processing of third-party data.

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